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Saudi Deals
Newcastle United will be allowed sponsorship deals with Saudi Arabian companies as long as the Premier League considers them "fair market value".

On Tuesday Premier League shareholders removed the temporary block put on the club since its controversial takeover.
Clubs have been uneasy over the takeover, which prompted Premier League chairman Gary Hoffman to decide to step down at the end of January 2022.
The Premier League board will decide what is "fair market value".
There was a concern Newcastle could sign deals with companies closely aligned to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund that provided much of the finance for the takeover, and which would be used to inflate their spending capacity under Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.
Basically what Man City have done since their takeover and what PSG is doing now.
My worry with this is the PL have the power to say that a sponsorship deal for say ..... £100m for stadium sponsorship is only worth £30m . They still hold control over us.

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