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Leicester, Then…
(12-12-2021, 04:55 PM)Mick Wrote: Playing a team lacking confidence, who played in midweek and had TEN players unavailable.

And we got tanked.

No excuses though, we were 2nd best from start to finish.

Don’t think the cheque book in January will be enough to save us.

Correct…..sadly.  cry
Dont think so either Mick. A little to late but we will see. Some of it will depend on other teams i think
Well, wasn't that a joy to watch they started off nervous and were shocking once the unfair penalty was awarded there heads went down where was the spirit they had in the Burnley game? even ASM was poor today and Wilson was he actually playing? I like the rest of you am bloody fed up all wor dreams of Ashley gone, PIF takeover, Richest club in the world all means shite if we are relegated. Sorry for the rant but I am really pissed off.

rant rant rant rant rant
"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
The lack of spirit must have been worrying for Howe, and a massive slap in the face to him and his team, who have tried to build it up from rock bottom since they came in. Sadly, they got to see the NUFC we have had to endure for years, so it shouldn't come as too much of a shock to the fans. What we have is a group of players that down tools when the going gets tough, and usually in quite a dramatic way. It's a group I will happily see shipped out of the club over the next few transfer windows.

We should have taken the point we started with, we have ended up losing 4-0 to a team that didn't even play well for those 4 goals. You could see from some of the facial expressions from Howe and Tindall on the touch line that there were basic things not been carried out on the pitch. This is obviously a group well versed in pulling the wool over people's eyes in training sessions, only to then turn into Mr. Hyde come match day.

We have some standout shockers in that starting 11. Willock is a joke. Lacelles isn't even an average defender, let alone a leader. Shelvey has tried under Howe to make things happen but is more often than not invovled in goals we concede in one way or another. You move further up the pitch and ASM has turned into someone who turns up when he wants and more often than not he doesn't want. Almiron continues to provide endless comparisons with a headless chicken. Joelinton, although rejuvinated under Howe, is now 20 games without a goal, and Wilson who is crying out for just half decent service, our only consistent goal outlet.

You look at the bench though and think who do you change? Fernandez for Lacelles is a no brainer for me. I'd say depsite Hayden looking like the old Hayden, is still be a better option than the hapless Willock. Apart from that though, you are left picking between Herpes and genital warts for the remaining positions. You could create a case for X player instead of Y player in maybe 1 or 2 other positions, but let's get real, the squad is shite. I'd be tempted to boost central midfield for the next few games to keep the score down. If we are not another -10 goals come Sunday evening next week, it will have been a decent return. Absolutely dreading Liverpool away, and then to get over that we welcome City at home. Might need to upgrade the Ribena to something stronger.
Whole team needs to be gutted at this point. They've been Bruce'd

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