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A lot of our fans criticise Jonjo Shelvey

Interesting to hear what Steady Eddie thinks of him:

[Image: F57-C6624-3-C4-A-4021-9691-2120-EF6-BEC72.jpg]
The thing is Mick, in training if you don't track a man back and let people run off you for fun, you might get pointers from the coaches. In a game, you are 1-0 down.

Rafa couldn't get a tune out of Shelvey because he is one of the worst I have seen for doing the defensive side of his job. Add into the mix he tries far too many Hollywood passes, and is likely to miss 6/7 games a season through suspension, and you have for me, one of the first players we should be looking to replace.

His ability when he can be bothered has never really been questioned, it's just unfortunate he looks lazy and half arsed more often than not. If Howe can get a tune out of him to help us fight off relegation, then great.
Agree 100% mate.

He frustrates hell out of me. 2017/18 I thought he had really picked up under Rafa and could have easily gone to the World Cup. He then reverted back into being a lazy bastard and I'm convinced Rafa would have moved him on summer 2019 after not really playing him for the second half of the season. Saying that I thought he played well for Bruce first half of the 2019/20 season. Again though he downs tools too easily and never puts in a shift when we are up against it.

I'm guessing Howe is building him up and hopes to get a tune out of him before he gets a chance to upgrade.

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