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Rafa Joint Top
Steve Bruce doesn't seem to rate Rafa Benitez, judging by the odd swipe he takes at Rafa's record at United.

Rafa is now at Everton of course, a professionally run club with ambition and a willingness to invest and back their manager.

The addition of a world-class manager is the final piece in the jigsaw for them.

Last night Everton beat Burnley to go joint top of the Premier League.

Just think with a proper owner that might have been us

Steve Bruce hasn't won a game yet.

But Steve Bruce doesn't seem to rate Rafa Benitez..........

The crazy thing is Mick, whilst I agree that Everton has an owner interested and invested in the club, Everton had a net spend of 700k this summer, spending just 1.7 million on new players. This for me further highlights the gulf with Rafa and other managers outside of the top bods in European football. I won't even say the gulf between Rafa and this clown we have, gulf doesn't come close, it would be unfair on Rafa to even mention the two in the same breath. He hasn't gone from the frying pan and into the fire as such, but he has gone to a club trying to reign it in a bit after giving too much money to the likes of Koeman, Ancelotti and Allardyce. I suspect this is what Everton saw in him, here is a guy who is a genuine world class coach, a genuine football guy who lives and breaths the game, someone who will eek every bit of quality from the players at his disposal, a manager most owners would kill for.

Benitez did a great job of organising what we had, the players had jobs on the pitch, they were coached and you knew that with investment, we would have gone from strength to strength. It's hard to believe and quite upsetting to think, we actually had Rafa here, and he wanted to stay! Rafa going served to highlight just how far down that road of destruction we had/have gone. Ashley doesn't care and the Premier League don't want their precious top 4 disturbing by a team from the north, the net result of this is that we get to watch a souless shell of a club that has been bobbing along the surface of the water but is now struggling to tread.

We have the standout worst manager I have ever seen, a snake willing to do anything for his coin, a spoilt princess with skin so thick that it makes tracing paper look like concrete, someone who is happy to relegate us in order to keep his bank account topped up. I hope the shit of all shits descends on our dugout over the next 2 months. There is nothing else to enjoy about Newcastle United anymore, but I will take great pleasure in watching his fat fucking face squirm as he reaps the rewards for digging in and sticking around in a job he isn't capable of doing and isn't wanted in. Fingers crossed that the stick gets so bad that even Judas himself calls time on his mangerial career, not just for our sake, but any other poor club unfortunate enough to land him.
Sound of nail being hit on head.

Ashley somehow managed to get a world class manager to work for him. God knows how - but it happened.

Best bit was, Rafa got it. Straight away he got it. Great area, fantastic fans, somewhere he could build something wothwhile - a project.

Sadly, Ashley was totally the wrong owner - couldn't give a toss - can you imagine how diiferent it would have been if a Sir John Hall had still been the owner?

So sad - but this tosser still owns the club and our descent into oblivion continues.
Yes, I agree with both comments our club is at best a shambles and there is only one man to blame, stand up fat lad and take the accolade you richly deserve. On Friday there is going to be a demonstration of type inside St James apparently against the Premier League with banners, and flyers from the East Stand, also they have talked about flooding the pitch with paper airplanes all in front of SKY TV whether or not this spectacle does any good it might be better entertainment than the match itself.

feck feck feck feck

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Until Fat Ash is gone, nothing will change. Unfortunately for us, we are sinking and it may not be one we can climb out of in the near future as the Championship is just getting better

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