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Bruce Loses It

Don't think it will be long now before he goes.

But he's just part of the problem.

Until Ashley goes nothing will improve.
The man's an idiot.  Having accepted that the team needs to defend better he seems incapable of considering that fact within the context of his behaviour at the club.  While he was away on holiday (three league games into the season), he could have been working with the players he does have on improving their defending; it might have helped.  But no, they spent one week preparing for one game.  He obviously does not understand that we can all see that he will never address our problems with defending; attacking; taking corners; taking free-kicks; taking throw-ins; game management; and all the rest, if he is not prepared to work, CONSTANTLY, on these issues.  Surely that is what he is employed to do FFS.
Don't get me wrong i think Bruce is just a very poor manager who is basically clueless in the act of tactical coaching ..... thats why we hired Graeme Jones but it took an age to hire Bruce simply because who would want to work within these constraints.

I agree that we could play better but if you look at our squad without your Toon rose tinted glasses on and put our players 1v1 with players of other teams you'll quickly realise that we really are a shit team of players who wouldn't get a game for any other PL club apart from say ASM and Wilson.

We can't attract quality players due to the lack of the clubs ambition....... let's face it if you were a PL qtality player and not a Geordie you'd give us a wide birth.

Shearer hit the nail on the head with his recent assesment of Toon affairs ...... it's a hollow club with no ambition and every season has become copy paste repeat with recruitment.

Until Ashley has gone we face a relegation battle every season and replacing the manager is like putting a sticky plaster on a bleeding artery.


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