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Going Down
Ashley has given up

Bruce isn't up to the job

No attempt to strengthen the squad while all around us strengthen theirs

Crumbling morale

Stadium being left to rot

Fans walking away in droves

Down by christmas
If we are in bottom 3 by Christmas I think we will go down for sure. Terrible situation we have at Newcastle.
Every cog in the chain has been slow walking to this exact situation for years.

Owner wants out and couldn't care anymore, could have sold it for less money in the past but didn't, so deserves what he gets.
Charnley works for the owner so deserves everything he gets.
Bruce works for the owner so deserves everything he gets.
We still have 43-44k fans turning up and paying the owner so as a fanbase we deserve what we get.

I have said it many times before, this would simply never happen at some other clubs, but our collective nature as supporters just isn't strong enough.

This is as bad as I have known it in the Premier League era for us, and I include the relegation seasons. We play the worst football in the league, we are easily one of the worst 3 teams as it stands. If ASM or Wilson get injured, which they will, we are stuffed. Our main/only real signing still has to prove he wasn't a 7 game wonder and an impact sub. We need a decent manager/coach to get the best of the squad we have and we have the worst manager/coach I have ever seen. Look at our fixtures between now and the end of October:

Manure (A)
Leeds (H)
Watford (A)
Spurs (H)
Palace (A)
Chelsea (H)

I see maybe 3/4 points from this run on games. We then have a run of games until early December where we might pick up something, and then we have a hellish run until the middle to end of January. Looking at the state of it we need to be wrapping up ASM and Wilson for the "winnable" games to avoid relegation. At the moment we play without a midfield for most of our games, we bypass them with punts from back to front, and then when we need them to protect the defence, they are no where to be seen. There is absolutely no way that this system will keep us up, we need a change in formation to get the best out of what we have, and hope Jones can coach/inspire the players in those new positions.

My other concern is that I genuinely believed the current setup benefited from no fans. If things went bad, there wasn't a toxic atmosphere. Before September even clocked, the fans have already turned toxic and the worst is yet to come. It's ironic that the fans who would be better staying away and not lining Ashley's pockets, will actually contribute towards the club failing this season, the very thing they turn up and protest. What a mess.
Sums things up perfectly ghost. Sleep walking into oblivion.

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