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Says It All Really
Left outside the cathedral on the hill.........

[Image: Bruce-banner.jpg]
Hanging on for his pay out, it's a boyhood club remember, that's what you do when you love your club, you watch it burn to the ground thanks to your own incompetence. How many of these do you think will get rolled out in his end of season assessment?

1) Injuries
2) Covid
3) Not doing it my own way for 18 months
4) Jones came in and stopped me from being able to do it my way
5) A bit of luck here and there would have made all the difference
6) Fan abuse on social media knocked me off my stride

Some of you guys will have supposed Newcastle longer than I have, but in my 26 conscious years of remembering following the club, this is the worst manager I have witnessed. I watch a lot of football, I watch nearly every live game and have done so for a long time, I can't recall seeing a team so inept and so devoid of organisation, tactics and fitness, as the one we curently endure week in and week out. It's a whole new staggering level of "you don't know what you're doing". The embarassment factor of his son blocking Newcastle fans on Twitter just about sums up the absolute shambles this club has turned into. Wanker owner, wanker manager, the pair of them seemingly happy to relegate us, and worst of all, we can't do a damn thing about it.

I honestly don't know what I will do with regard to continuing to watch the club if we go down again. It has nothing, zero, jack shit to do with my love for it, I just don't know if I can continue to watch an Ashley owned NUFC. As it stands currently, I wouldn't even be surprised to see this coward staying on if we do go down, that is of course if there isn't a relegation release clause in his contract, which some sources are suggesting might be why Wanker 01 won't sack Wanker 02.

Willing to gamble on relegation over 4 million quid, in a league worth hundreds of millions per team. There is nothing a logical, working brain can decipher from that, this entire situation makes zero sense to anyone.
Don’t usually like agreeing with this bloke but he’s right this time .

Stan Collymore on Steve Bruce:

He exudes misery... talking up average opposition, moaning about injuries, and talking in meaningless generalities.. while rival coaches give insightful detailed answers.
With Ashley it feels personal. Like he wants to mess the club around because he feels personally wounded because of the stick he's taken.

He's the in-house aggressor, the more fans say they want him out, or journalists, the more he won't. There's an element of spite: “I own this club and I'll do what I like, on my terms.”

What is on Bruce's CV that means he deserves to boss Newcastle, or his past clubs Sunderland, Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, or proves he can make these clubs better? He goes in, there's a little bump and leaves them no better off, distinctly average.

By keeping Steve Bruce at the club Ashley is saying “the more you moan, I am leaving him there”.

They might get away with it and stay up. But poor Newcastle fans have gone from thinking they're being taken over by Saudi Arabia and signing Mbappe, to a relegation fight, in the space of a few months. That's as bad as it gets. From hope, to decline and possibly relegation.
Just read that Boydie, nail, head, goodnight Vienna. The full article is below:

I have long believed this is personal, this isn't Ashley incompetence, there is more to this, and fan redemption would not shock me in the slightest.

They are the worst duo in Premier League history, there is no better summary than that.
It shows how bad it is when even Collymore is coming out on our side. He saw first hand how shite Bruce was at Villa.

It must be pre-planned. Ashley wants us to go down? Otherwise it just isn't logical is it. For the sake of £4m he will lose £50-100m from his selling price or have to pump his own cash in to get them back up.

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