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Right everyone I'm back.
Well, what can I say about the TOON'S demise under the stewardship of SB since I have been off the board's words like Shambles, Disgrace, Clown and many others spring to mind but who is ultimately to blame yes you've guessed right mine and your's favourite owner Ashley he is again taking a massive gamble where ultimately he stands to lose millions and perhaps, more importantly, scupper any Saudi deal. So here we are again the same scenario different season squeaky bum time AGAIN! how low has wor team become when we are all praying for the Spuds to do us a favour by beating Fulham, I'm sure Mick will have his Spuds kit on tonight despite his obvious distaste of the club, I agree I don't like them either. Anyway guy's N gal's it's nice to be back although I am still a little raw I will now put all my energy into trying to be more optimistic around the TOON but if Fulham win tonight expect a tirade of  Brucie abuse.

Beer Beer Beer Beer

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Good to see you are back Geordie!  Beer

It's hard to be optimistic about our chances at the moment, but as the saying goes, 'Its not over till the fat lady sings!'
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
Great to see you back mate - you've been in my thoughts & prayers. Take each day at a time eh?

Yep I was rooting for ickle Totts last night - and at least they did their bit.

The problem is  though - it's all well and good Fulham losing but we can't seem to buy a win at the moment to pull away under our own steam. 

And without ASM, Wilson & Almiron it's hard to see where the goals are going tocome from.

Add to that Ritchie's bust up and the fact Doris has lost the dressing room - and there's only one place this club is going.

Keep a haad

Good to hear from you mate.

To be honest I'm not even arsed if we go down. I'm just numb to it all.
Great to see ya back on Geordie mate.

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