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Going down? Yes or No?
Have to say I too was impressed by Fulham - although six of the team are on loan to them and they have nine loanees all together

How the feck is that allowed?

Brighton are sinking with us - so I suppose they might keep us up.

One thing is clear though - if we do stay up it will be because other teams lost - we don't seem capable of helping ourselkves with the cabbage in charge
The game against Brighton is the important one. If we get 3 points then we might scrape it. Lose and we're down.
The thing with Brighton is that they have a model, a way of playing that is sustainable, providing you bring the right players into it. They play great box to box but end up conceding the odd goal and failing to convert the countless chances they get per game. I get that they are below us so it seems stupid trying to argue a case for them to stay up in our place, but they are an infinitely better footballing team than we are. I'd be amazed if we managed more than 30% possession against them, and without ASM, Wilson and Almiron, they could take us to the cleaners.

I'd take Potter here in a heartbeat next year, if we stay up (a big if) and if we can keep our best players (another big if), and if Ashley realises the club isn't going to the Saudi's anytime soon (the biggest if of them all), we would progress leaps and bounds with Potter and his coaching staff. Our players look unfit and up until Jones came in, completely devoid of knowing what they were being asked to do, a decent coaching setup and we could easily be 10th-11th with this squad of players.

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