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Chelsea (a)
Wins for Fulham and Burnley and draws for West Brom and Brighton have all happened since we last played and have put us firmly into the relegation dogfight we all knew would be inevitable with Bruce as manager.

Tonight we have our usual mauling at Stamford Bridge which will make our situation even worse.

For those of you who enjoy pain, lots of pain, it’s on the telly. Kick off 8pm.

Me? I think I’ll just amuse meself on tiktok.


[Image: Chelsea-a-Feb-2021.jpg]
A team full of useless ball watchers. Fucking disgraceful so far.
The players have zero belief that they can get anything from this game. No doubt Lord Knacker of Knackerville has been drumming into them all week what an amazing side Chelsea are and how they will struggle to get anything from the game. Krafth left totally exposed every single time, Lacelles and Lewis having a competition to see who can stand ball watching the longest, and then when we have the ball, the attitude of the Chelsea players vs the attitude of our players says it all. Forget quality here, this is a team who just wants it more, we have had 9 days to prepare for this and here we are again, watching an utter fucking shambles unfold before our eyes. The midfield is getting demolished too, a game where it would have made sense to drop an extra man in there to help out, but instead Admiral Pukka decides he has to play the same system in EVERY game, when today was clearly one where we needed to win the individual battles first. No one is winning a battle out there, and they are 5 on 3 against our midfield on every single attack.
My expectations were never high for this game, but  it it is still torture to have to endure such an abysmal display by a Newcastle United team. What has this club come to?    feck
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
Gash.  Please take Shelvey off and put Gayle down the middle.  Please.
7 points ahead of Fulham, Fulham with a game in hand. Fulham at home to Sheffield Utd next, we are away to Man Utd.

I thought no matter how shite this manager is, he will fluke his way to safety, I was confident we would finish in the bottom 6 teams, but not the bottom 3... not so confident of that anymore. Our star striker missing, someone who has contributed to over 70% of our goals this season, and we know what historically happens with any group of players associated with Newcastle when the going gets tough. I look around that team and I see a number of bottlers who won't stand up to the fight if Fulham claw that back to within a point.
Back to shitsville.

Remove the useless pie man and just leave the new coach in charge.... i honestly think he'd do a better job.

Also our full backs are the worst in the league.
We look ready for the drop if nothing changes soon

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