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Chelsea After Bruce?
Chelsea sack Lampard. 

Will they move for Steve Bruce?

 All the London pundits reckon he's a top manager, so I would expect they'll be asking Ashley for permission to approach him?

huh? ROFL
God we can only hope
Haha you reading my WhatsApp Mick?! I said I wanted to get all of the pundits in a room who have backed Bruce and contrinue to do so, and ask them if Newcastle fans should be worried about Chelsea coming after him. I mean, it's never his fault, he is a top class coach with lots of experience, so what will stop them coming in?!
Can only assume Ashley has warned them off 

The reports reckon they’re going for some obscure foreign bloke

Big mistake

[Image: 1903-A3-BA-92-B1-44-D1-9700-BCC823-A8951-C.jpg]

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