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Aston Villa (a)
[Image: aston-villa.png]
Just look at their midfield and then look at ours.

Our only hope is to punt it long and hope the luckiest manager in world football, scrapes a draw. I have watched Villa a few times this season live, including the Man City game last week, and they are a very good side. I am still in the camp that a few heavy defeats etc will see the back of fat so Bob, so you can probably tell where I am.
Shelvey and Hendrick? Playing 9 men then  Bart Bruce?
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
Well well well, this 2 men up top is working a real treat, so glad Fat-so Bob is now playing the way he has always wanted to play.

I am not even angry, Villa haven't even left 1st gear, they are strolling to what could be 4 or 5 goals here. At this stage, we need every defeat we can get our hands on, the worst thing that could happen is that somehow we fluke a couple of results to keep him in the job. Having said that, we are the worst team in the league, those results are as far away from happening as managerial ability is to our illustrious coach.

I am just counting down the days where Ashley realises he needs to protect his investment and put this sorry sack of shit down.
Makes you wonder about Rafa, is this just wishful thinking or has Charnley been in touch to see if he will take over until the summer, and that's partly why he has walked away at this point in time. It's not like Covid is new, so to use that as an excuse for wanting out seems a bit sus. I am hoping there is something in it, praying there is.
We have hit rock bottom. Another shocking show by a team that is heading for relegation. Even our better players have been dragged down by this clueless and useless manager.
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
It was picked up by sky microphones something that Jack Grealish said during the match.

Apparently he said .... just keep it moving lads these are shit.

Couldn't agree more Jack.

Ashley needs to get rid of the Pie man sharpish if he's serious about selling us as a PL club because at this moment a can't see anything but relegation.
For a long time it felt like the club was almost intentionally aiming to self-destruct. Ashley was hands-on, appointing the wrong people here, there and everywhere, wanting to run the club like he would one of his retail outlets. That was bad enough, and it took us down a division on two separate occasions. This though feels like something new, he has no interest in the club, he desperately wants to sell it, he has exhausted all managerial options with his reputation, and it now seems like the club is going to ruin through a lack of interest and care, rather than deliberate mismanagement.

Taking away the fact we have a manager and coaching staff who genuinely wouldn't look out of place on the touchline of your local Rising Sun, we have a takeover saga currently being dragged through the courts, we have a new coach on the horizon who isn't sure whether he wants to commit in case Brucey Boy loses his job, this same coach when Brucey Boy was asked about him, generated an aggressive response from our illustrious manager, which suggested something else is going on behind the scenes, but seemingly here we are, getting all set for another battering by Leeds, so his job clearly isn't on the line yet. On top of this, we find out today that allegedly; although there has to be some explanation behind this, Yedlin is now left unable to play for us again, because the admin staff were furloughed and therefore his visa has lapsed, and no one picked it up in their absence. On top of this, Yedlin and his agent have come out and said all they wanted was some clarity on his future, but no one at the club would tell him whether he was allowed to leave or they wanted to keep him. The players are dejected and despondent, because evidently they are not being coached, they are not being managed, and they are basically sent out every week into any number of lion's dens, knowing full well they are going to have around 30% of the ball, and stand no chance of winning. We are supposedly one of the top 20 clubs in the entire country, and just look at it, it's an absolute fucking embarrassment and a shambles. How have we gone from having a proud club under Benitez (albeit in desperate need of a takeover), to this utter fucking mess?!

You have Shelvey and Hendrick who would have to split the 100m dash into a relay, the pair of them are utter garbage, we have a young left back who is completely shot of any confidence, a 40 million pound "forward" who is one of the worst pieces of business any Premier League have ever done, we have Callum Wilson, a genuine England international standard player, who has had his confidence obliterated. We are now relying on Andy Carroll, a player who is at the back end of his career having nursed any type of injury you can imagine, who even with his experience, is struggling to find any link up with any other player.

We could all put our top 5 worst managers or worst periods into a hat and likely come up with a few different ones of each, but can anyone honestly remember a time in our Premier League history, a mess quite as bad as this one? I include the relegations in that, the first time we went down we kept a core nucleus of players, who were far too good and experienced for the Championship, the second time we went down, we had Rafa, and he made some great signings to get us back up. This though, there is no come back if we go down again, I genuinely believe that. Ashley needs to dig deep, get a manager in this week, who can turn this around before it is too late. Offer them whatever it takes, whatever compensation they need to come and work under his tenure for the next 5 months, otherwise we are heading to Millwall and Cardiff City next season. This situation as it stands, is completely beyond repair.
Cracking summary of the current situation, Ghostie

I'll blog it this morning - title "This Newcastle United Mess Requires Urgent Action"


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