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Sheffield Utd (a)
Well here we are.......

Sheffield Utd - won none, two draws, lost fifteen.

If Bruce can't win here - he should be out on his ear.

No excuses acceptable.

[Image: sufc.png]
There's a better team sitting on the feckin bench than what he's putting on the pitch FFS!

WTF is that misassembled bag of footballer-looking nuts and bolts supposed to achieve?  We have absolutely nothing going forward down our left-hand side and precious little down our right.  This is going to be another dig-in with five at the back horror show.  Against a team who have two points so far this season.  God give me fucking strength.  What is it with this idiot?
Seriously.  What the fuck is going on here?  Is Bruce trying to force Charnley to sack him rather than have to resign and miss out on a pay-out?
This is garbage

Bruce hoofball (to who?)

Passing totally shite

Doing a great job so far in letting a side with no confidence, pass their way into the game! What a load of garbage.

Hendrick in ahead of Matty Longstaff! Hahahah, at this stage just tell yourself he is screwing us over on purpose, that way it is somehow easier to digest. This joker is beyond reprieve.
Well down to 10 i'm done with these clowns
This is what happens when you set up to play defensive football always having to tackle
The knacker will have to go 4 at the back and get Almiron on

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