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Well, I watched it

More out of a sense of duty than any sort of expectation

Seen this far too many times before

Bruce is clueless
I am delighted with the result, delighted!

The last thing I wanted was that fat, useless knacker to be able to say he got Newcastle to a semi final of a League Cup. The media would parade him round the Sky Sports News studio in an open top bus. All the Steve's would be gathered round the dressing room bath, bathing in champagne. This was it, today was that loser's final. Get through this game and hopefully draw Man City, where he could spin excuse roulette and dine out on as many excuses as you possibly imagine. On top of that it is one less game where I am forced to watched this utter, utter gash. I wish I could turn off, but I can't, so I am afraid I am now firmly in the camp of wanting us to get tonked every single week until this twat of a man gets fired by his twat of an employer.

A 2nd string Brentford side who went out there not really caring if they went through, out played a 1st string Newcastle side, hahaha.
This feels like the Souness era to me. Same soundbites, decent squad who aren't playing for the manager and utter dross football being served up. It really is painful to watch. The only difference is Sheppard was closer to it and wasn't afraid to pull the trigger and admit he'd got it wrong. All Ashley/Charnley care about is staying in the PL. He's mid table and probably won't be sucked into the scrap at the bottom.

Ashley will gamble on staying on the gravy train rather than have to shell out compensation and look for a replacement.
Craig Hope flying the flag, seems to be the only Newcastle jounralist with the balls to do it.

I am sadly one of those fans, I just want this to end, and if he was a true Newcastle fan, he would have the decency to walk away from this and admit he is totally out of his depth. Realistic? No, but it's what he should do.

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