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West Brom (h)
3pm today (UK time) at St James' Park.

Live on Sky

Who's available? Nee idea

Who has/had Covid? Nee idea

Who's injured? nee idea


I knew the moment this said the first round for the Palace game that ASM would be one of them. If it was just youth team players, they would have revealed the names. You can only imagine this is one of Pie Man's mind games, to keep the opposition on their toes! He is such a genius like that...

As for the game, who knows, it could literally be anything. I actually think the training ground being closed is a good thing. Look at the absolute shit show for the Chelsea game, when they had 2 weeks working with that clown, they looked like they had never even seen each other before, let alone played together.
[Image: west-brom.jpg]
Great start but since then we’ve descended into fannying about

Our tactical maestro needs to get this sorted at half time
Another stellar watch.

At this point all you can pretty much say is that this is Newcastle United under Bruce. Not willing to commit players, not willing to press, not willing to attack with any conviction, but capable of getting a goal here and there to snatch a point or 3. This is why you'll get outsiders saying what do we expect when the team is roughly where you'd expect it to be in the table. It's a horrible, horrible watch though, and the players seem to get by just by being themselves, you can't look at any of our performances and see any sort of coaching influence, we play every game with every man behind the ball, hoping, rather than expecting.

Still no idea which way this second half will go.
One goal was never going to be enough. Unlike our ‘manager’, theirs was able to respond and change things for the second half. Apparently we are playing a team of ‘championship standard players’. Maybe that’s our level too under cabbage head.
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
First goal was brilliant, shame we switched off after that. Luckily we got the win.

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