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Return Of Rafa?
One or two stories/opinions circulating at the moment about the possibility of Rafa returning to the club if the takeover does go through.

What do you think folks?

Personally, I would love it, just love it.

Not only is he a world class manager, which I don't think many people would argue with, but he clearly loves the club & fans, can see it's potential to become one of the "big clubs" (copyright Sky TV) - and knows how to put a plan together setting out what would be needed to get us there.

Add to that the pots of gold from Saudi oil, and the sky would be the limit.

I do think we are still clinging on in blind hope that the takeover will be resurrected. Can't see it happening myself. It was dead in July when they pulled the plug. The whole thing stinks of corruption at the PL.

I'd love to see Rafa back to sort out the mess Bruce is incubating but it won't happen.
I'd carry Rafa back here on my back over broken glass as you say he actually gets it.... our frustrations and ambitions.

But as tache says we are clinging on to a glimmer of hope of a takeover which has went on for eternity.

I live in hope but i certainly won't be holding my breath.

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