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Man Utd (h)
(17-10-2020, 10:08 PM)GhostfaceKillah Wrote: That game was like every single other game under Bruce. No shape, no strategy, no going after the opposition's main weakness. Just 11 blobs thrown out on the pitch, no doubt with the rhetoric of "let's get up and at em boys!". Thank you so much Steve Bruce, for systematically taking apart everything that Rafa Benitez built. We have the best squad of players we have had for years, and we are also playing the worst football we have ever played in the Premier League at the same time.

Imagine being so fucking useless, that you send a team out to sit back, not press and basically hand the game to one of the worst Man Utd sides in Premier League history. Imagine actually not viewing this as a great opportunity to get at a defence that is on its arse. Luke Shaw who literally can't defend, Maguire who is at rock bottom, and carrying an injury, and our useless fucking manager plays Joelinton when we had Ryan Fraser sat on the bench, Ryan Fraser who played and scored for Scotland, and would have been perfect to run at and test a really poor and shaky back 4.

It's staggering, absolutely staggering just how shite Bruce is. He isn't even a dinosaur with out dated methods, he simply has no methods, he has all the attributes of an under 14's Sunday League manager, no doubt gives "Big Jo" all the big ups he needs, when what that lad needs is removing from the match day squad, to play the infinitely better options we have sat on the bench. We play like a team of strangers and the only thing Bruce has on his side; apart from goalkeepers who make save after save every game, is the most insane amount of luck any manager could ever have in picking up enough points to keep him in the job, when the reality of our performances is that we rarely deserve even a point.

To top it off, it looks like we are creeping our way back to the top of the Physio Room leaderboard, another excellent accolade for our illustrious potato on the touch line. Racking up muscle injuries like they are going out of fashion, great job Steve, great job.

What a shambolic load of shite. I absolutely loathe him.

Blogged! (with one or two words changed to keep us from getting banned by Newsnow!!)  ROFL


PS - great quote from Alex Hurst writing on True Faith:

"Manchester United came into this game with the league’s worst defensive record. Luke Shaw went to bed on Friday night worrying about facing up to Saint-Maximin, Ryan Fraser or Almiron. He lined up, against Joelinton."
Well wasn't that a shambles? SB tactics were as usual abysmal playing the game of kick it upfront and hope that either Wilson or ASM get a lucky hold on the ball we were playing like amateurs with a 5-4-1 set up WTF he SB has systematically neutralised any chance of progress even after spending £60 million and getting some decent players playing defensive counter-attack football you need first of all the players to play to their strength which is not counter-attack football, I mean how many times did we see ASM on the halfway line fighting for every ball where was the midfield? same as all the other seasons sad when the MOM is your bloody goalkeeper. The dithering buffoon SB needs to go ASAP. Howay Mandy get us bought so we can have a proper manager/team.

feck feck feck feck

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Alex Hurst posted a couple of good points, this being another:

"In 8 selected games #nufc games this year we have allowed 186 shots on our goal

Chelsea (19)
Everton (15)
Norwich (18)
Arsenal (15)
Palace (18)
Man C (23)
Spurs (23)
Man Utd (28)"

When you consider we face the most shots, and our goalkeepers make the most saves, AND we play absolute no attacking football to account for this openness at the back, you are left with what is quite simply, a useless team. This isn't the players either, there are one or two back to their old ways, Shelvey being a prime example, but on the whole this is a good group, and any manager wanting to go with an attacking style of play, has the best options we have had at the club for a very long time. We could really be a team that no one wants to face with the trickery and the pace in the squad, and all of it is being absolutely destroyed by one monumental clown, completey out of his depth, who doesn't believe in tactics, and thinks the old Sunday League approach of shouting from the touchline for players to get stuck in, is what's required to manage at the top of the professional game.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't even have unrealistic expectiations. I am not after a Klopp or Guardiola, I now look at the likes of Brighton and Southampton, and would love either of their backroom staff at Newcastle. If he is left in charge, we are absolutely stuffed, he has to go.
I firmly believe this is a top 10 squad. In 18months he has managed to stop us playing as a solid unit. If he isn't gone by Xmas I expect another relegation
We could get a cheaper manager that would have us being more competitive at this point. The man is literally stuck in late 90s football tactics.

This team on paper is better than half the premier league, but we currently have some of the worst stats of any league in global football. Boggles the mind
Dont feel as bad now as Manure is beating PSG in champions league right now LOL!

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