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Dare I post something positive?!
I actually think Callum Wilson is a great signing who I think will actually do well for us!

*Runs off*
In all seriousness, I wanted us to sign him a few years back, great pace, world class movement (not an exhaggeration), let down sometimes by his finishing. However get this lad chances, he will score goals, I think for the money he is a steal and I am actually a little bit excited about this transfer.

Lots of doom and gloom, but I like this one.
Three serious injuries in the last 4 yrs

15 match goal drought last season

Yep he sounds like he’ll fit right in

To the treatment room......


Still, he’s only costing £3m - plus the £17m deposit from the Saudis
In his defence. I watched enough Bournemouth games last season to see the problems there were seriously deep routed. They had a huge injury list at times, and most of their players spent most of the season out of form, the same happened to Josh King, Ryan Fraser and David Brooks.

When you look at the state of our club, our horrific striking options, this is a good signing. I am putting my neck on the line here to say he will be a success!
"In you come Callum. 

Here's your season ticket for the treatment room, sometimes known as "The Room For Crocked Strikers". 

We've put you on the bed next to Big Andy , is that OK? 

Cup of tea son?"

ROFL cry

I did laugh at the fact he could have picked us over Villa because he knew he would have more company during his rehab!

Joking aside, he made 35 Premier League appearances last season and 30 Premier League appearances the season before that. Harry Kane in the last two season has played 29 and 28 games respectively, Aguero 24 and 33 games respectively, Vardy 35 and 34 games respectively. His main injury problems were the cruciate ligament injuries from the two campaigns prior to 2018.

If he doesn't score 10 league goals this season, I'll do a forfeit Mick!
Also just on his goal scoring last year, he had 1.98 shots on goal last season on average per game, when you look at the stats for Kane, he takes 4 shots per goal, Salah is a 1 in 7 shots striker, the rest of the big boys are anywhere between 4 and 7 shots per goal. To expect him to score tonnes of goals when he was getting such abysmal service is unrealistic. Across his Premier League career he is a 1 goal in every 3 games players, which is bloody good going.

Give him a chance, He will prove you wrong :D
I genuinely hope he can stay fit and score goals for us, honestly.

But getting a bit worried at how many of our fans seem to be getting excited about 3 free transfers and an injury-prone striker being "the answer"

Makes me wonder what the question was!

PS Doris is still in charge

Lost It

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