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Back To School
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Telling everyone not to go into shops etc where others are without a mask but then saying cram all your kids into school where social distancing is impossible without masks. Then also making the parent look bad if they don't comply. 

What happens if a child gets covid symptoms .... do they close the school ????

Even worse .... what do they do if a child dies with the virus.

Boris will have blood on his hands.
Playing devils advocate a bit here, but what is the alternative?

This could be with us for 10 years. Do we write off the education of an entire generation of kids? What effect would that have on society long term? How many would die of poverty in the future if we kept everyone caged and didn't try and keep things going? The NE as usual would bare the brunt of poverty.

I'm not a huge fan of politicians in general and I agree they have made mistakes throughout this, but I wouldn't want their job at the minute. No win situation which ever way they go.

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