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Newcastle United Supporters Trust
The Trust have spoken to Amanda Staveley and sent the following message to its members:

Dear member,
We are once again writing to you about the failed takeover of Newcastle United by a consortium consisting of PIF, Amanda Staveley, and the Rueben brothers.
Since our last email on Friday and a subsequent request for ideas from members about how the Trust can react to represent our members,  we have experienced a large increase in membership and received hundreds of emails with feedback on what the Trust does next.
On Saturday Alex Hurst Trust chair spoke to Amanda Staveley by telephone after being introduced by George Caulkin of The Athletic.  Amanda had been clear in her interview with George (read here) that she felt Newcastle United fans could play a role.
'If they want this back on they're going to have to go back to the Premier League and say this isn't fair'.
With that in mind, it seemed sensible as the largest Newcastle United member organisation (and the only one recognised by the Premier League) that we try and speak to Amanda Staveley to see what the Trust could do in this regard.
Thanks to that introduction from George our Chair Alex spoke to Amanda by phone, who reiterated how upset both she and the other buyers were about the Premier League's lack of decision and that Mike Ashley was still very keen to sell her consortium the club.  
In terms of what we could do as a Trust and the wider fan base - answers from the Premier League are crucial at this point both for the fans of Newcastle United and the consortium buying the club.  
The Trust already had plans to reach out to the Premier League both directly and through the Football Supporters Association.
This is still very much the plan, but in order to harness member feedback beyond the hundreds of excellent emails that have been sent to us, we will aim to have an open forum online in the coming days to understand how best to proceed.  We are a member organisation and need to take member feedback on this.
That Amanda Staveley has spoken to the Trust is a testament to our strength in numbers.  United we stand a far greater chance of getting a resolution we desire.   We have got to come together as a fan base.  For too long there has been abuse and derision aimed toward anyone trying to bring fans together.  When we're stood on the Gallowgate or in an away end together then it's our collective voices that have made us famous the world over.  That show of strength and unity has made Newcastle United famous.
For the sake of the future and the football club, if there is a small chance, we can get answers from the Premier League which could aid this process and get information and an explanation we must come together and we must do it now.
The Trust exists for the supporters of Newcastle United. We have a common purpose that unites us.  
The board of the Trust does not have all the answers on what to do next.  We know that abuse, intimidation, and spam will not get us the answers we seek. 

We need to come together as support, behind this Trust, and work to do what we can to get the answers we need. 
That both Newcastle United is committed to the sale and the buyers are committed to the sale suggests that anything is still possible.  It is not our position to give supporters false hope or suggest that this takeover could still go through and the PIF statement suggests otherwise.
However, Amanda Staveley has outlined that supporters have a role to play in making ourselves heard with the Premier League and also that we seek answers from them.
We can do that. We can do that easily, but we have to be United and there has to be an effort by all fans either individually or in groups to unite over this.
Now is the time for supporters to make the difference that we know we are capable of making.  
More information will follow this week about our plans. In the meantime we urge you to help us grow our membership so that when we speak to the Premier League it isn't for just ten thousand we speak, but the whole fanbase.

NUST Board
I don't want to be that person who sits back, complains, but then criticises the people who are trying to make a difference.

However, let's get real here. No petition, no amount of lobbying for Amanda Staveley will change this decision. It's a typical NUFC situation, I don't know another fanbase where so much is expected of them just to get by. It's the fans home and away credited with pushing the team over the line. It's the fans having to continually accept a substandard brand of football, served up by one shit manager (Benitez exempt) after another that keeps the club going. It's the fans having to sit through one false dawn after another, yet still expected to bounce back the next season with the same enthusiasm and passion who keep the spirit of the club going. We are now expected to take on the Premier League for answers, sign petitions to hopefully get it raised in parliament and write letters to Richard Masters demanding answers... It's absolutely laughable, what other set of supporters have to face this sort of farce every single season?!

Why can't we just wake up one day, and the deal be done, just like it was with Chelsea, just like it was with Man City, why do we have to wait 4 months of continual speculation, yet silence from those involved, AND still face disappointment at the end of it all?!

Amanda Staveley might want the club, but she has now been part of more failed takeover attempts than anyone else who has tried to buy this club in the last 13 years. At what point do we stop paying attention to what she has to say and stop giving her takeover attempts credence? Nothing is ever straight forward with her, and I for one hope that the next attempted takeover does not have her name anywhere near it, as I simply don't have any faith she can get any deal over the line.

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