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Fingers crossed for relegation
Ever the optimist, looking for a silver streak in amongst the turds.

Assuming logic reasserts itself in the next 12 months, Ashley provides his usual transfer budget of £0.00, Steve Bruce displays the same tactical genius we enjoyed this year, and the law of averages stops us getting 6 fluke results in consecutive seasons, we're dead certs for relegation next year.

Well thank God for that.

Because out of the Premier League, we're free
from the self serving procrastination of Masters and his top 6 paymasters. Mandy, the Ruebens and the PIF Paypal account will be able to secure the purchase of Championship club NUFC on "Buy it now" terms with free P&P, nee press, nee TV rights, nee bother over the summer of 2021. Promotion the following May thanks to Messi's unprecedented 80 goals in one season prior to retirement (Wor Kev did the same in 84) and we're exactly where we want to be, a couple of years late but bang in line with the next round of Middle East broadcasting rights negotiations

Or does the Premier League have some kind of vetoe in place on clubs joining their elite through promotion? Pretty sure that's how Abu Dhabi and the Sheffield-based Saudi royal family must have got in under the radar.
Peter Reid eats bananas with his feet.

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