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Takeover: Reasons To Be Fed Up
(19-07-2020, 06:51 PM)Geordie1 Wrote:
(19-07-2020, 11:46 AM)Mick Wrote: Aye - saw that doylem's bollox yesterday

Seems like he's got a chip on both shoulders about the town and the people who live here

What a cretin


I got so annoyed that I sent him a twitter message and I thought it would just be him who read it lol defiantly not so far 56 people have re-tweeted the message to him lol I've just listened to your rant on the Pod-Cast Mick I was laughing all the way through it "Premier League get your finger out your arse" lol I would have been more intense and would probably get banned if I was to say what I really think of this fiasco so I will leave you to it mate. I still think the deal will go through although we will be up against time to get deals done.

Beer Beer Beer


Cheers G

Big Grin
I don't see it going ahead now and I reckon they've delayed announcing it so that it will be quickly pushed off the news agenda by transfer speculation etc.
Well according to the Express it's done we are now owned by PIF group although there has been no announcement by the Premier League it has been announced over in Saudi by Senior staff take that as you may I think it is done deal.


Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer
"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Oh come on! "Newcastle's takeover could be finally completed", "they claimed La Liga stars including Lionel Messi will be targeted by the Magpies", "Just interviewed a senior source at Saudi Media City who believes #NUFC has now "been purchased" by PIF.", "My understanding remains nothing has been finalised/approved, but Saudi sources continue to talk up takeover."  This is so obviously media bullshit that it has horns and a great big pair of swinging bollocks.
I have a personal rule that if a story is claimed to come from a "source" - it's a story that's made up

If they can't name their "source" it's well dodgy

its an absolute disgrace and just shows how much they will do to keep the north in general from advancement

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