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Legal Stuff
Saw a few stories over the weekend saying Qatar could take legal action against the EPL if the takeover is approved. The grounds for legal action being around the "piracy" issue where unlicenced streams via arabsat were allegedly allowed by Saudi Arabia. Having thought about that, it's a separate issue - and just part of the political arguments that have been going on between KSA and Qatar for years.

I think the bigger worry for the EPL has to be likely legal action by Amanda Staveley or the Saudis.

Amanda isn't a stranger to legal action. She is in the high court today taking action against none other than Barclays Bank! for what she alleges are £1.6bn unpaid fees.

And the Saudis would also have good grounds for court action. Leaving aside the slight on their reputation which would be represented by a rejection, none of the accusations against them are actually matters which are defined and covered by the Owners and Directors test. They are not therefore material to the test.

The Saudis can also point to the many UK organisations who currently feel its OK to do business with them - including Man Utd, Sheffield Utd and even the UK government - who sell them tons of bombs to drop on Yemen.

About time the EFL got this deal approved.

I also read that although this is a problem that needs sorting out , it really shouldn't stand in the way of our takeover ..... yet the EPL would rather let this concern run it's course and fizzle out before they approve the deal.

Just sick of it all now.

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