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Pochettino Or Rafa?
Well, if the media is to be believed - including an Ossie Ardiles interview - it looks like wor Amanda and her mates have made an offer to Pochettino?

Up to them of course, but my own preference would have been to bring Rafa back - as he "gets" the club and the fans, and has unfinished business here.

Never mind, I'm sure there'll be a few twists in the story to come!

I have my doubts about Pochettino; a bit of a 'nearly' man.  Spurs really should have beaten Leicester to the title in 2016 with the squad he had at his disposal (compared to theirs), but they blew it (remind you of another club?), and they were abysmal in the CL final last year.  He simply doesn't strike me as a manager who can consistently get the best out of his charges.  If you factor in that rebuilding the NUFC squad will be a process that will involve managing most of the current players for varying lengths of time, then for me it's obvious that Rafa would be the better choice since he knows most of them already and indeed put that squad together.  But hey, we haven't even been sold yet, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.
If the rumours are to be believed that Poch has been sounded out then we'll have to go along with it. 

I personally wouldn't choose him but he's lightyears ahead of some of the dross that we've had.

We could have the Dutch speaking wally with the brolly, Le Pardieu, the very experienced JFK, the highly respected fat Sam or indeed the best coach on the planet and local hero Charver.

I think a lot of the fans would welcome Rafa back with open arms and i think he'd crawl here over broken glass to get the job. My concern would be his reluctance to be more open in play and some of his signings such as Sels, Lazaar etc didn't exactly light up the stage.

Whether this was down to pressure to sign inferior players or playing defensively due to our limitations as a team i don't know but what i do know is that if we were to be taken over and seriously bankrolled i'd like to see quality entertaining attacking football again.
During Poch's time at Spurs, he spent 2 million more than we we did over that same period, just 2 million, so the 'nearly man' tag is perfectly understandable, as we were relegated during that time with similar financial out lay. Yet with that money he had a top 4 team, reached a Champions League final, and at times played some great football, combined with bringing young players through. Prior to that he did a very good job at Southampton, again promoting youth. On the flip side of this, he wants the Madrid job, so we are back in that age old position of being a stepping stone and with the Arabs I want that to end, I am sick of the club being used. Flipping that again (stick with me), if Madrid do want him after coming here, that implies he has done a great job, so is that such a bad thing?!

There are two schools of thought, do we we want a complete fresh start, with no baggage from a previous era, no constant comparisons with backroom staff across both tenures, or do we want to go with someone who has been here before, and we know what to expect...

I am torn, I think Poch is a top manager and would welcome that appointment with open arms. Equally I would be happy to have Rafa back. Either of these, with money to spend, would push us to a level we haven't reached in nearly 20 years.
Apparently Ozzie hasn't talked to the paper reporting this. Fake news. Again.

Poch is head and shoulders above most of the managers we've had recently, but in reality he hasn't won anything yet.

Personally I'd love Rafa back. It just feels like unfinished business. He's a proven winner if backed. No brainer for me if we have the choice between the two.

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