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Rondon? Really?
Looks like the media are leaving the Poch story alone for a while and are now telling us Rondon wants to come back

If the takeover goes through - would the new owners really go after Rondon?

He'll be 31 in September, wasn't THAT good, and surely we will be setting our sights a bit higher?

We all need to take these links with a pinch of salt.

I thought Rondon did a top job for us under Rafa, but no, he isn't the type of player you sign if you have ambitions of closing the gap on the top 4, or the type of player you sign if Poch is next in line for the hot seat.

It's one step at a time right now, let's get the deal done, let's get to the end of the season (however it ends) and see which manager lands the job. I can't for one minute believe they are going to come in and start signing players for the manager, and if they go down the director of football route, that will be in place before the manager comes in, and I think we can definitely guarantee it won't be a policy of players over 30 who have a history of playing for sides at the bottom end of the table.

It has always been silly season at NUFC but we could be in for some of the most ridiculous period yet once the deal is completed, it's just a case of using common sense to filter out the fantasy deals from the possibles.

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