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Is this the end?
The rug could be pulled on this one by the prospective buyers:  Saudis having less cash to splash because of the (self-inflicted), oil price crash; Sky finding it difficult to splash cash on the Premier League because of fewer subscriptions and gambling money (do NOT underestimate the value of gambling on the PL to Sky Bet (or whatever it's called)), in the Far East especially, thus making owning a PL club less prestigious because the PL has always been about the money; and the financial travails of the so-called top PL clubs making the PL brand less attractive.  After all, you have to wonder why fuck-face would be so keen to get rid.
They are the ones who have chosen this time to initiate the takeover finally. They have been going through the takeover whilst all of that was known, so it's not like they were going through this into January and then this hit, changing their mind.

The odd part to me is that this has come down to 40 million, which for a consortium worth nearly 300 billion, is loose change. That's the only bit I can't quite understand, they could have bought the club bought 2 years a go when they were originally in talks, but they have waited a further 2 years in the midst of a global pandameic, where only a few companies are actually thriving thanks to demand shifting to certain sectors, to actually launch a genuine bid to buy the club...

... but here we are anyway, with what looks like a nearly done deal and a group of owners who seemingly have big plans. I can't see this falling over at this stage. If the news today about everything being signed, the deposit being paid, and the only remaining hurdle being the fit and proper owners test (which they will breeze), I suspect by the end of next week we will have a new owner(s) and an infinitely brighter future than what we would have had with fat lad in charge.

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