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Worst thing ever
Well we have a situation where we won't see any football or indeed any more sport for a very long time. 

I'm gutted ..... yes we've been awful and i've moaned but thy're my Newcastle United and i can moan if i want. 

But no football at all is dreadful..... even if they played behind closed doors but televised every game would slightly satisfy many fans but not all.

I don't know the answers but no sport at all is every wife's dream who wants d.i.y  done   feck
Hang in there Boydie
They're even handing out money to the lower clubs like sunlun coz they could go under ..... ahh well every cloud and all that.  Big Grin
Bad times but maybe just maybe some real good change will come from all this. Its going to get worse before it gets better most likely

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