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Had Enough Of Fakeovers?
Looks like the latest bollox is fading away......
We all have to take responsibility for this situation Mick. Speaking in broad terms:

We give fakeover talks the time of day, when we should just laugh them off.
We complain about Ashley, sing about Ashley and jeer Mike Ashley, yet we continue to fund him.
We want a new owner, a new manager and a new direction for the club, yet we turn up and fill home and away sections to show unrivalled levels of support.

This has been going on for so long now that each and every fan has to own up and face their own actions. I gave up my season ticket when Keegan walked away in 2008, I can count on the fingers of one hand the games I haven't either listened to on the radio or watched live since that day, so I still have a huge interest in the club, just not a financial one. I haven't bought a shirt since or put a penny into the club. If you continue to put money in and turn up to games, you are supporting Mike Ashley, whether you like it or not. If you want the fakeovers to stop, if you want the change you say you want, then stand up and be counted, do something about it...

... Otherwise, stop complaining and accept it for what it is. There is an agenda behind each and every fakeover, be it publicity for the parties involved, or to trick our most simple supporters into buying season tickets. There hasn't been a genuine attempt yet, each and every fakeover has had someone inside the club laugh it off as a time wasting exercise, usually after a transfer window or after season ticket renewals have been sent out. It's all a game, we stay in the Premier League, Ashley makes his money and he stays too. We continue to turn up and fund Ashley, he stays. Collectively we are our own worst enemy and I believe a lot of match going fans love the reputation they have for being loyal to the cause, they love it to the detriment of the club's long term future, and rightly or wrongly, this is going to ensure Mike Ashley goes nowhere.

Keep doing the same things, keep getting the same results. If you really want these fakeover stories to stop and bring about the change we all long for, then stay at home and listen on BBC Radio Newcastle or stream games online. You can watch the team without funding the regime. There are no grey areas after nearly 13 years of ownership, this is no longer a heart wrenching decision to turn your back on something when the light might be at the end of the tunnel. There is no light, there are more dark days, unless we all, and I literally mean everyone, take a stand and empty the ground and force his hand to sell up. These fakeovers are now a part of the fabric of the club, they are part of the ongoing mind games between Ashley and our support base, he plays on the weak minded supporters, in the hope that those who are considering walking away, think twice and renew for another season. We had 10 thousand fans take a stand this season, and yet only half way through, a cheap little stunt with season tickets brought another 10 thousand in. This perpetual cycle will continue until collectively we show Ashley he won't win anymore.

Whether we get someone better owning the club is the gamble we have to take, but for me it's a gamble worth paying to rid this great club of that horrible twat.
That's a terrific bit of work, Ghostie

The truth hurts - and when reading it, I was nodding about my own guilt!

I'll blog this in your name this afternoon

Great stuff


Well said Ghostie. If us as fans dont click on it, then they will stop running it.
Well you know it's not like me to speculate on Fat Boy but, I was talking to a friend today who works in the City (London) for an investment company and he is pretty high up the ladder, now don't shoot the messenger but my friend told me that the PIF group are finalising there offer because of Fat Boys extra demands what those demands are he didn't know but we can guess that Shit Direct has something to do with it. What he did say was if PIF wants something nine times out of ten they succeed he also said with there financial clout not many investment firms would go against them as they employ only the very best managers in their particular field of expertise and will have worked on the pros and cons of owning Newcastle. He thinks, that a deal will be struck and that we can expect the new owners in either the middle of February or beginning of March. Well, you never na!

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.

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