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Oxford United (a) (FA cup)
Crackin goal from the Saint

I knew we'd win

Yedlin has been abysmal most of the season so tonight is no shock to see more of the same.

It's becoming a case of no ASM, no win. I don't even want him to pass the ball, I'd rather he just tried to take everyone on and shoot, and if that doesn't work then at least he gave it a go. We are so woeful in possession that there isn't anyone else I'd want to see with the ball at their feet.

Bruce did a fantastic job at screwing the whole game up with his late substitution and tactical switch. For the first half of extra time, similar to the Rochdale game, we ended up with 4 central midfielders on the pitch and yet no control over central midfield. Take a bow Steve, even by your standards you somehow manage to make things even more shite than previously.

To me that was just another game where the only positive things I can say are ASM looks dangerous and at least the players don't down tools. Tactically we are a laughing stock.

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