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Norwich (h)
I have to say, I think Bruce is finding out the hard way what a poisoned chalice Ashley's NUFC is.  We have brought in three players in this windows and none of them, positionally, address our lack of attacking threat and if he truly believes that there were no better strikers available than one who has scored one league goal all season, he can't really have been looking very hard.  While it's very likely ('though not a certainty), that we'll stay up this season, any thoughts of ending the season around the middle of the table are sadly mistaken.  Judging by today's non-performance against the bottom team, I would have to say that as of now there are NOT three teams in this division worse than us and that we'll stay up because of results in the first half of the season.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if we end up fourth or fifth from bottom at the end.  Never any joy watching this lot.
Proper pile of poo


We were totally crap
(01-02-2020, 06:39 PM)Eeeeen Wrote: I have to say, I think Bruce is finding out the hard way what a poisoned chalice Ashley's NUFC is. 

In the same way our fans, the ones who were daft enough to think Steve Bruce was anything other than an aging footballing dinosaur who doesn't believe in tactics, are finding out what an absolutely abysmal manager he is.

I wouldn't give Bruce 2 quid to spend, let alone 40 million. Any player given the misfortune of having him host a training sesssion it sure to come out of the other side of it a worse player than when he went in.

Ask any fan of any club he has ever managed, they all have the same stories. Tactics non-existent, substitutions baflfling, awful to watch, always someone else's fault. Yesterday was just another performance under Steve Bruce, one of many, many more to come, until the day he leaves the club. A day I am very much looking forward to, as there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing to enjoy about watching Newcastle United under him.

We are an absolutely abysmal watch.
I must say thats as bad as its been this season ... you have to beat teams like that at home.

Bruce is outdated and i'm already sick of the spew that comes from his lips after every shyte game.

We need a young vibrant manager with new idea's who can get the best out of our players playing the right way ...... you know .... trying to score goals and attacking teams.

You remember when it was enjoyable to watch us trying to win games ? ............ Yeah i vaguely do it was a long time ago.

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