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Norwich (h)
With the maestro's fantastic signings during the window, I've got great hopes for this one


What could possibly go wrong?

Im hoping Lazaro and Almiron are able to really do some damage on the right side. With that much pace norwich should have some difficulties. Of course Pukki may just bang in a hat trick on us
We're doing exactly what we did at Carrow road with Timo Pukki; leaving him unmarked in acres of space on the edge of our penalty area.  Keep doing that and we'll be made to pay for it.
Yeah Norwich definitely look the side more likely to score. We've had some chances, but we just dont know how to attack outside of the counter. Horrid stuff to watch honestly
Half 0-0. God awful stuff, though we have had chances. Honestly I would go more attacking but we know that isnt going to happen
Currently being thoroughly out-fought and outclassed by the division's bottom team and relegation favourites.  We are garbage and I seriously doubt that our three new players are going to change that much because of the positions they play in.
Final 0-0. We needed 3 points from this one
Christ that was awful.
We are absolutely horrible to watch. Nothing in attack, no creativity. We probably would be better off just lining up in a 5-5-0 and letting ASM and Miggy chase balls deep.
Well that was shoit what was it Bruce said "There were no better Strikers available that could better this team" Bruce just toe the Ashley line with your Vasaline at the ready you divvy.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.

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