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Man Utd (a)
Huge irony alert - Joelinton looks like something other than a vaguely animated turd (for a change), while our defence look like shite.  Who would have thought!  At half time Newcastle United are beating Newcastle United by 2 goals to 1, while Manchester United have also scored a goal entirely of their own making ('though our lot were all stood around waiting for a free-kick that didn't and never was going to come - play to the whistle lads? - when it happened).  We are going to get humped here in a game that we could so easily have won.
Collectively our defenders are poor today. I also think tinkering with the midfield was a mistake. Let’s have Shelvey and Hayden on second half, we need experience to try to halt what could be an embarrassing score line. What’s so annoying is that manure are not even playing that well, we are handing it to them on a plate!
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
Where the midfield we don't have one defence or kick and run this is becoming embarrassing AGAIN!.


"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Well, that went well.....

On top of a dreadful performance at Burnley and the rubbish (result excepted), that was served up against Palace, I wonder if we are witnessing a trend here; I hope not.  But I don't think the squad looks fit enough and in an attacking sense, with half-the season now gone, we still don't look like we have a plan.  At the back, I worry that the influence of Rafa Benitez is finally starting to fade and our defenders are being exposed as the mediocre (at best), players that they are.  I noticed that Alan Shearer in commentary trotted out the old lines about 'what the manager has to work with' in defence of his pal Brucie Baby while ignoring the cash that has been (mis)spent this season that I'm sure our former manager would have loved to have had.  With every game over the past few weeks I've watched Joelinton and wondered about how much more effective a team Newcastle United could have had if that £40m had been better spent.  I don't think the second half of this season is going to be very pleasant unless we spend again; and on the say-so of somebody who has a clue what they are doing this time.
Well that was painful ..... we handed them the game without them having to try and break us down.

Oh and as for bringing in any quality signings in January forget it.

Ashley's plan to fill the seats worked with our weak willed fans falling for his freebie trick and theres also another takeover been manufactured for the fans to swallow again..... Merry Christmas NUFC Style.
Honestly the only positive to take is it doesnt actually hurt us in the table. Other than that what a shambolic display. Would have saved everyone the trouble just to forfeit the game before hand and stayed home for Boxing Day.
That was gash

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