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Crystal Palace (h)
Great result and fantastic to see Almiron score.  Good set-up with two up front but a rubbish display (with a few notable exceptions), from almost the entire team going forwards.  Is somebody other than Brucie baby deciding that Joelinton plays, I wonder?  Manquillo my man of the match for the second week in a row.
Sums up a lot of the season really. Organised defensively, absolutely no clue what to do in the final 3rd, then got a goal from a knock down from Carroll, seemingly came from no where. Second half possession midway through the half was 70% to Palace, which is similar to most of the season when you look back at our other games.

Not sure what to make of it all as from a watching perspective, we are really tough to watch, but then from a points returned ratio, you can't argue when you look at the squad.

If we could sort out the final 3rd and not rely entirely on ASM or Carroll winning the ball in the air, we could end up with a team that does more than finishing 10th to 17th each year.

If these narrow wins dry up though, the fans won't take long to turn, and it's not surprising really when you look at the quality on show, it's practically non-existent.
[Image: sunshine.png]
Almiron is a Geordie, Almiron is a Geordie, la la la la, etc........  Big Grin Great moment for him and the fans. He was rewarded for his great work rate and the goal was so well deserved.  notworthy Glad it was scored at home so he could share how he felt with the fans who have stayed with him, and they could reciprocate!
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.

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