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Crystal Palace (h)
3 points here would be rather handy!

The Knacker has confirmed that Almiron and Shelvey should be in contention for this one.

Definitely unavailable are St Max, Ki, Clark, Ritchie and Lascelles.

Palace are on an unbeaten run of four matches - but we've got the mighty Bruce.

What could possibly go wrong?

I wouldn't have it in my acca let's just put it that way!

Without ASM I don't see where we create chances from, apart from going back to front as quickly as possible. That sort of percentages game can literally go either way. We might get a knock down from Carroll and a follow up shot that goes in, we might not. Palace have a decent defensive record and with Zaha they have something we don't (minus ASM), a player who can change the game for them on his own.

Anyone attending the game, I'd do some warm up exercises on your neck, as I suspect you'll spend more time looking at the sky today than you will the grass.

I am going to say 2-1 to them on the hope that when I negatively predict a Newcastle score, the reverse score happens!
0-0 draw for me. I do hope Carroll or even Gayle start over Joelinton though
It's difficult to be optimistic about this one; was last week's horror (no)show at Turf Moor a blip or  was that how bad we actually are without huge slices of luck on our side?  Today's match should go some way towards answering that question.  If we put in a decent performance that would suggest a blip last week and we could get something out of the game; if last week repeats itself then we'll get nowt and our squad and our manager will finally have been found out this season.  Make no mistake, this game is all about how well or otherwise Stevie boy manages the resources at his command both on the pitch and off it.  We shall see.
Can't get a good stream to save my life today. Anyone have a radio link?
Well, first half Stevie boy seems to have got a decent set-up here; the players have been rubbish unfortunately, but can't fault the manager (except for playing waste of space Joelinton).
About what to be expected from first half
1-0 victory to us. Pretty blah game overall until the end there. Almiron with the goal
Up to 9th now with only 1 match below us to play tomorrow. Not bad going into Christmas at all. Less than 20 points from mathematical safety as well

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