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Free Season Tickets
From tomorrow, Ashley is giving away free season tickets - story here:

It's to fill up the ground.......

My immediate thoughts:

- This means he's making us look as bad as the mackems
- Can't imagine existing ST holders being too happy, when they paid full whack
- It's not April 1st
- Who is actually going to buy a one-off match ticket now?
- will there be any?

Any thoughts folks?
Boydie - let us know what your mackem workmates say  huh? 

Its a spit in the face of people that work hard to pay for their season ticket and a spit in the face of NUFC fans in general for saying "We dont care if you come back or not. We have ways of filling the stadium." But of course lets all remember its not a football club or beacon of the community to Ashley, its a fucking business.
It's a fecking disgrace, how low have we become under this leach the boycott is starting to hurt Fat Lad now because of empty seats don't bode well for his shit direct advertising worldwide as people are sitting up and taking notice with the team mid-table and seemingly playing quite well with Newcastle's reputation to fill their ground this is hurting his main business anyway before this buffoon even came to SJP there were allegedly 20 thousand on the waiting list for a season ticket. Having read and talked to various fans who despite my protest's still attend they were saying that they would not be getting one or they will get one and throw it in the bin I also heard from this wifey who said "Why are you all so negative, my son can go to the games now" to say I shot her down in flames is well really an understatement but when I think about it Fat Lad doesn't give a flying feck where the support comes from as long as it's bums on seats and looks good on the TV he is turning supporter's against each other which is wrong we must hold out and stand firm and do more protests and continue the Boycott if we really want him to pack his bags.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
This is for him to save face and nothing more. There is nothing good to come from this apart from the next time the TV cameras are at the ground, you don't see 10 thousand empty seats.

In the process it will do damage to our fan's reputation as it will look like we are a bunch of fickle fair weather supporters who will come back as soon as results change.

You can only hope that no one takes this offer up to continue getting the message across. Whilst Bruce is getting results right now, the ultimate goal is to make sure this club remains a top flight club for years to come, and to do that, we need to get rid of Ashley.

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