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Sheffield Utd (a)
[Image: sheff-utd.jpg]
Joelinton dropped

Carrol in from the start

Feck me - we've scored  Lost It

Allan Saint-Maximin after 15 mins

Lept like a salmon LOL!
It's good to be winning, but we have been absolutely awful.  If Bruce has any ability whatsoever as a manager, we have to improve second half.  If we don't it will prove he's as garbage as many people think he is.
Oh my oh my he was onside all the way. 2-0
VAR - I love you!

good win for us today
We won that with absolute ease without having to be spectacular ,,,, simple 3 points away from home '

Shout out to Dubravka and Shelvey .... but a special mention for Clark who i've slated in the past but he was solid tonight.
First half we conceded chances, too many chances, and relied on Dubravka and a bit of luck with their inability to finish.

Second half we were much better and although the pattern of the game didn't change, we looked more in control with the defensive shape, with Dubravka's only difficult save being the offside chance.

Overall I am very happy with the result and the effort from all the players. I thought Carroll was excellent up top feeding off the scraps, and when he had a chance to be involved with a goal, his flick on was absolutely perfect. It highlighted that whilst neither Carroll nor Joelinton will get the chance to shine in terms of regular goal mouth action in that position, the difference between the two players is that Carroll has the ability to provide a flick on, or a chest down to another player, or take the ball down himself and get a shot on target (on target being the key part). I think it's a selfless role that they have to play, but Joelinton simply has to do more when he does get the ball, otherwise his time here will be short lived. For a lad of his size, he should be looking to Carroll in training to see what is required to be successful in this league, playing for a team who don't play great football and it's all about those handful of moments they get in 90 minutes to be the difference.

Just on that topic, Carroll gave Almiron what for in the first half, when he flicked it on in the box and there was no one gambling behind him. I fear the longer Joelinton plays that position, the more Shelvey, ASM and Almiron will stop making any runs at all as they have no faith they will get the ball. It's a catch 22 really as if Carroll flicked that on and Shelvey didn't make the run, everyone would be blasting Carroll for not bringing the ball down, and yet for the players to make the run in behind, they have to be sure that the flick on will come. This for me is where Joelinton has a lot of work to do, he has to keep at it and convince the rest of the team that if they keep making the runs, he will get the ball to them more often than that. Small details but looking at how mature Carroll looked in that position last night, playing a very similar game to what Joelinton has this season, the difference in quality was there for all to see.

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