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Leicester 9-0
Southampton 0 Leicester 9

Nine!! FFS

hat tricks for Perez and Vardy

It hurts to realise that if we'd had a proper owner, we might have had a proper manager like Brendan Rodgers as well.....

If it wasn't for the fact that I believe that Liverpool have already won the PL, I might be tempted to ask exactly what it is with ex-NUFC players and winning the league with Leicester City?  They'll be there or thereabouts; wouldn't YOU leave this shitshow of a club with its comedy chairman and comedy manager (and arsehole owner), for that?
You can understand why Perez wanted gone and why he took a lesser role at Leicester City rather than stay on here as a guaranteed starter for sure.
Losing to Burnley. Cant they help us Geordies out here. LOL!

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