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Leicester (a)
I've had to wait until now to respond to that absolute shambles. I've even managed to fall out with a sunlun supporter who married my cousin and now live in Canada. Even though their own predicament isn't the greatest he thought it was fair game to poke fun at our shower of shyte on facebook and i must admit i gave him both barrels.

Anyway see you all in the championship.
So the players got yesterday off as Bruce was too angry with them apparently... Just what we need, a bunch of players who look like they have never been coached in their life, getting an extra day off from being coached! To be honest they would have better success watching YouTube videos on basic tactics than spending a training session with that fucking idiot.

Bruce trotting out the usual "we need to get back to basics", BACK TO BASICS?! He literally has NO idea what to do with them and the players are turning up not knowing what they should be doing on match day. I don' care who comes in at this point, just sack this clueless fool, he is monumentally out of his depth and his comments about going back to basics just highlight that he has no idea how to recover this situation.

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