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Leicester (a)
Long, hard winter ahead

What a shambles
When players produce this type of performance it points to a total lack of belief in the manager, each other and what they are trying to do on the pitch. I’ve seen some awful games but this one is truly scraping the barrel. It confirms us as a relegation team.
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
So now we’re playing with two right backs?

It’s Pardew all over again
4-0 about expected
Honestly if our club avoids relegation this year it will have to go down as a miracle and recognized by the Pope himself
Surely this is bye bye Bruce?

(28-09-2019, 02:38 PM)Mick Wrote: All the ecstasy and/or doom and gloom in here, please!


Mick you were only having a joke when you published this ECSTASY weren't you? We are shocking so bad it's embarrassing this game just epitomize the last 12 years of rule by the FAT ONE if they think Bruce and Carroll will get them out of this Disgrace they are living in cloud coocoo land but fat boy doesn't give a fcuk.


"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Yes Bruce was never the man for the manager’s job here. But I think we have to be critical about some of the players too. Apart from Ritchie,we don’t have any fighters in this team and also a few who are out of their depth at this level. I thought Souness summed it up when he said players who are, ‘not up to the task,’ do not cope when things go against them. They don’t have the motivation or bottle to get stuck in when the going gets tough. I saw that today from a few of our players , and I don’t think all of the blame on this occasion should lie at the manager’s door after witnessing that performance, or rather lack of it, today.
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
The players don't respect Bruce, they won't play for him, that's clear for all to see. What we don't get to see is the shambles that goes on behind closed doors, as I refuse to believe that the players go onto that pitch, drilled to do anything other than stand roughly where their position dictates they should, and launch the ball hopelessly forward into the channels or somewhere near Joelinton's throat. So whilst the players were disgraceful today, and last weekend against Brighton, and against Wolves... this is Premier League football, and if you go into any game without a game plan, you'll get taken apart.

Bruce is top drawer garbage, he doesn't even know where to start with this group of players. He is a manager that belongs in the bottom 3rd of the Championship, hoping a little piggy floats by and takes his team into the playoffs. the Premier League has never been the proving ground for managers of Bruce's ability, he is out of his depth, especially now, when the game has moved on so much since he was last in this division. You don't accumulate his experience and then suddenly become a decent Premier League manager 20 years after you first tried, he never was and never will be good enough for this level. The players have to deal with his coaching methods every day, and I guarantee the moment he walks out of the door, you'll have a few players saying they had no idea what was expected of them on match day. Hell, we had it with his first home game when he brought Willems on in the wrong position! If this is how they are coached, just what exactly are we hoping from them on match day?! I suspect like a lot of fans, the players are praying for Bruce to lose his job already, it shows in their performances, and I don't just mean technical displays, the attitude of our team stinks, it's rotten to the core, we are back in the really dark days of the players not giving a shit about the shirt, the fans, the manager or the club.

Whether there is anyone left to come in and take on this poison chalice is anyone's guess. One guarantee as it stands is that we are going to get relegated, and likely cast adrift in the bottom 3 long before the season ends. Ashley has long been drinking in the Last Chance Saloon, but his time is up again and he is going to successfully oversee the club's 3rd relegation in its Premier League life.

I said it the other week but I hate everything the club stands for now, there is nothing I like about it and nothing I feel like I can get behind anymore. I can't look at any part of this club and feel proud. We are laughing stock off the pitch and we are a laughing stock on it.
Bruce "the lack of effort was nowhere near enough"


Seriously? He wanted MORE lack of effort??

Not sure that was possible we were so shite


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