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Set to drop yet again....

[Image: 69270420_492530278229274_230898289659504...e=5DCD5302]
It's a joke that we still have 15 thousand fans willing to turn up and support Mike Ashley. Youre not supporting the team. The team coudn't careless, right now to a man there isn't a single one of them who isn't wishing that they were away from the club and away from Steve Bruce.

Leicester will take us apart, we are going out at the first stage of the League Cup and it would be great to do so in front of no one watching on. I suspect as this dismal season progresses, league crowds will drop to sub 40k and the ones who do turn up will either sit in silence, sing songs about Mike Ashley and/or leave early to boot.

If everyone stood up for what they wanted, which is Mike Ashley out, to a man, then there could be a real difference made.

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