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Shut up Bruce
Mr potato head is starting to get under my skin. He howsays only 4000 fans stayed away for the boycott and that it was because it was raining. 

Get your fat head out of Ashley's fat arse.
Totally agree

He spouts bollox and it seems he never shuts up.

The quality & quantity of his ramblings are reminiscent of Alain Pardeaux at his worst


The trouble is, the media give him the perfect platform to do it. It's Brucey, good old Brucey! They absolutely love him, so he plays up to them at every opportunity with his silly little jokes andhisstupid comments.

I just hope one day, all of those in the media who love old Brucey, get a chance to witness him managing their club, then let's see how much they love him.

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