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Arsenal (h)
I'll kick off the discussion today with what I've posted on our blog!

What do you think about today's game?


Newcastle United host Arsenal at 2pm this afternoon as the new football season gets underway at St James' Park.

The match is televised on Sky as once again we prove to be one of the clubs Sky acknowledge they have to feature if  they want to keep their viewing figures up.

Obviously it's important to get off to a good start as, similar to last season, we have been handed a tough run of early fixtures.

The game is equally important for the Gunners, of course, as they try to live up to their billing by the London media as one of "the big six" clubs - whatever that means.

Arsenal have been busy during close season but it is not known how many of their new players will feature today. Watch out in particular for a potential debut for "you're just a s*** Coloccini" David Luiz - a surprise acquisition from Chelski during the summer transfer window.

United are in what can best be called a transition period. Rafa has gone - along with Rondon and Perez who scored most of our paltry goal return last season.

Rafa has been replaced by Steve Bruce. An appointment which has been greeted with general derision by the Toon Army. Fair to say Bruce wouldn't have been our first choice - in fact I doubt if many of us would have chosen him at all!

Again though, he could buy himself some time and maybe win over a few fans with some positive early results. Beating Arsenal today would go a long way to settling some of the grumbles.

Rondon has been replaced by Joelinton - a £40m goalscoring centre forward from Hoffenheim who is as yet unproven in the Premier League. However, he's big, strong, fast, has two good feet and is good in the air. So all the attributes are there if we can give him the service he needs.

He's also got an eye for goal, as he has already demonstrated in pre-season.

Perez has been replaced with Allan Saint-Maximin - a tricky, strong forward who can play on either wing or as an all out striker. Having watched him against St Etienne, I actually think he's a step up in class from Perez.

The new manager has set out his stall to attack more this season, which will be welcomed by those fans who got a bit frustrated with Rafa's "park the bus" tactics. And with the forward-looking players we have at our disposal, I think we can be fairly optimistic that we will indeed score more goals this season.

The downside of course will be the "goals against" column in the league table. Emphasis on attack will mean ditching to some extent the organisation, attention to detail and emphasis on defence which Rafa drilled into the team.

In spite of our lowly league position for most of last season we had one of the lowest goals against records, and were one of the teams it was hard to score against. 

We still have the solid central defence intact, and it will be interesting to see if our two new wingbacks Krafth and Willens add to our defensive abilities, and hopefully add to our attacking capability going forward.

One thing is certain. We should brace yourselves for another Newcastle United rollercoaster ride. Hopefully exciting, rewarding and avoiding relegation which has to be the main requirement.

In other words, another typical season for the Toon these days!

Enjoy the match!!
If we arent relegated this season, Bruce deserves an award of some sort. Almost every pundit has us in the bottom 3 right now, and the betting firms have us finishing one spot above the drop. Means nowt for now, but a draw vs Arsenal should be counted on par with a win honestly.
Watching on the television I just noticed our dumbass American commentary team throw up that we were running a 3-4-3 with Hayden as our forward right winger and about spit coffee all over my computer
Stadium pretty full, estimates is 45k+ is in the seats. Cant complain about Ash while lining his pockets.
Drawish first half. Attendance is 47,635. Fat Ash is smiling somewhere in London. He has this club and its fans bent over ready to ram whenever he wants.

I dont expect any changes in the second half, which is good for us hopefully.
Doesn't look like they have a clue when they get the ball, just a load of hopeless balls forward for Almiron to ruin his hamstrings trying to reach. Funnily enough I was talking to a Villa supporter yesterday who said prepare yourself for some of the most boring, non-tactical sh*t you have ever watched. I said I am already prepared

The standard of the play from both teams is terrible, but you know Arsenal have players who they can bring on and I fear their subs will be the difference in the second half. Can't wait for another thrills and spills 45 minutes...
Arsenal 1-0. New boy Jetro Willems hands the Gooners a goal.
FT 1-0 to Arse. Pretty poor second half, but overall not a "bad" performance. One mistake the difference. On to the next one.
What absolute clueless trash. Fans shaking their heads, the same fans paying to watch it. I hate this club, I hate everything it has become, and there is no end to it. We have too many braindead supporters who will help sink this club into obscurity. We will spend all season watching this sh*t, this embarassing brand of guff, no build up play because the players don't have a fecking clue what to do. All game long the defenders were looking for an option, but there was nothing. What's worse, is just like last season, we have lost to an absolutely garbage Arsenal team who most teams would have taken to the cleaners this afternoon. A bang average Arsenal team turn up, play sh*t, and walk away with three points. Meanwhile potato head stands on the touchline looking like he doesn't have a clue what to do.

feck off Bruce
feck off Ashley

I am sick of this club.
That was rubbish.  Where do you start - how piss poor the players were or how piss poor the manager was?  What the hell was our formation supposed to be with those substitutions?  We had a goalie, a defence and an amorphous mass of players who neither knew where they should be on the pitch nor what they should be doing there.  As for the players, they all lacked purpose and endeavour save for a few brief, too brief, flashes in the first half.  Joelinton is NOT an adequate replacement for Rondon and seems to prefer playing as a midfielder/winger/ball-boy to a centre-forward.  Willems looks like a frightened rabbit and I have a suspicion that he will be a dud - hope to be proved wrong.  Without tactics, organisation some kind of plan, any plan, the limited talent that we do have in the team is completely wasted.  When we stopped (half-heartedly), playing the Benitez way, we lacked all of those and I hope that Steve Bruce was having an off day, however, I suspect that he is simply a poor football manager and I'm afraid this team of limited talents need better than that to make it in any way effective.  It's going to be a long and very ugly season ahead I'm afraid.

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