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Matt Ritchie oh dear.
I have officially lost any respect i had for this lad.

I know Ashley pays his wages but surely he doesn't live in a bubble and is blind to what the fans feel about Ashley.

Ritchie had been on that god awful Talksport radio show telling everyone who cares to listen that Ashley is a good honest bloke and he doesn't get why the fans have a beef with him.

Howay Ritchie pull your head out of Ashleys arse.
I read it earlier and it's once of those things you just wish he had kept to himself.

Of all the people who won't be hugely disappointed to see Benitez go, I would imagine Ritchie would be on that shortlist, and as such, you can understand why HE might not think it's the worst thing for the club and that there shouldn't be such doom and gloom... but in these scenarios you just think, engage your brain, have your thoughts privately, but don't come out and say something which is going to be hugely unpopular with the fans.

I still like Ritchie the player but this just didn't need saying.
[Image: 67802291_2170514569713012_31349904700908...e=5DE975E8]
brown nosing at best. few players nowadays have the balls to say anything negative while at a club. its all about the cash

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