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Boycott Arsenal
Well, folks, this has been organized by a number of supporter groups and I hope personally that it is adhered too by the TOON ARMY. If supporters need any reminder of what this Tyrant has done to our beloved club then I think they should read this.

Reasons to #BoycottSJP

Bringing in Dennis Wise to act over Kevin Keegan’s head. Such as sign a player who they'd only seen on YouTube. Insulting offers for Schweinsteiger and selling James Milner from under his feet
The court action came where the club admitted they intentionally misled us, the fans, and the press. The lies haven't stopped since
No attempt at winning a cup, at all. In the 11 years prior to Mike Ashley in the FA Cup alone, we had reached 2 finals, 2 semi-finals, 2 quarterfinals in the FA Cup alone. Since then? One League Cup quarter-final, which we surrendered 4-0
Lack of European football. Might sound deluded but the 11 years prior to Mike Ashley (97, 98, 99, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07) all had European campaigns. Both UEFA Cup and Champions League. Since? Once. Manager Alan Pardew was grateful to not qualify for!
The lack of respect shown to club greats

Kevin Keegan
Alan Shearer
Jonas Gutierrez
Rafa Benitez

A man who cannot stand characters or personalities who stand up to him who understand and want the best for this football club
HMRC tax probe. Could have, and still could get the club in a lot of trouble. A black cloud hanging over our club and potentially hindering any potential takeover
Failure to invest in St James' Park or the training ground. Don't be fooled by the black paint in one area. Rafa joked that after 3 years the training ground had a lick of paint, after 12 years the stadium has had a lick, but so much more needs doing to both. Especially training facilities. Other clubs have invested heavily in their grounds and training facilities over recent years
.. Sports Direct Arena – say no more
Ticket prices and shirt prices. Some of the most expensive in EUROPE. For what!? Fans loyalty taken advantage of. Season tickets increased by 5% and joint most expensive shirts in the Premier League
Strawberry Place Development. Buying the land for cheap to sell it on for a profit. Bought from the club for £3m and in the process of being sold for £9m. Again, only his fat pockets came under consideration. All but stops any potential extension of our stadium, which was banned just before his takeover
Under-investment in the playing squad over 12 years. Don't let the long-overdue signings of our front three fool you. We don't spend anywhere near enough short, mid or long term to seriously compete
Renaming of Shearer’s bar to NINE
Clear out of corporate boxes in 2015 and throw away photos of Sir Bobby Robson, Alan Shearer and Gary Speed in a skip
Diabolical treatment of Chris Hughton, a manager who grew from nothing to being appreciated fully by the fans, sacked barely a month after masterminding the finest derby victory in generations
#AshleyOut #SupportOurToon

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Fair play all.
I 100% respect and understand why hard working fans are prepared to boycott games at the expense of their hard earned cash that they've already paid for their season tickets. 

Respect from Boydie  Rock On

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