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Gone a bit quiet this one hasn't it? That damn line again....
Turned out to be a big mix up and it was infact Joe Lycett who is coming to Newcastle on tour next year.

Roll a dice on your next retailer to go bust as the next transfer to be paid for using the club's money. I hope those with paid up season tickets are as excited as I am for the new campaign!

Looks like he is here officially
Chronicle recons £40m. Hefty price tag round the lads shoulders.

What is it with our owner? He chucked money at Maclaren and now Bruce. Imagine if he had given Rafa that sort of money.
It's because Benitez wanted to control the transfers and in that case we would have had Rondon for 16.5 million. Ashley would rather gamble a laughable 40 million on a player with 7 league goals in 4 years for his parent club and Bruce is more than happy to go along with it as he gets to sit in the home dugout every other week.

An utterly baffling signing in the footballing sense, but one that makes absolute perfect sense in the world of an owner who buys to sell on for a potential profit. He will have to have some season to be worth 80 million next summer, what a good job we have a manager who can get the best out of him...
Presumably fatboy is counting on getting the money back when he sells Longstaff to scumchester

Perez and Joselu have gone, Diame released, Rondon off the wages, I suspect that is the justification for spending this money. If we do start to sign anyone else then I presume that means the likes of Longstaff and Schar will become available on the open market.

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