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Season Ticket sales.
[Image: 66192216_2391356527616987_68821166958680...e=5DAF3E8D][Image: 65965151_2391302700955703_85305844318014...e=5DA9131B]
Ouch that is going to hurt the fat man LOL!
There's definitely a few spares going!

Club advertising season tickets go on sale to the public at 10am next Monday (15th)

To be honest I don't think Ashley will care. He holds the whole club at arms length anyway. The money lost is irrelevant compared to the TV money.
I got this from a lad on social media.

[Image: 66628562_10157290323868905_1343953553919...e=5DB09E8A]

I fell in love with you in 1987 as a giddy 14 year old boy
You gave me Gazza and Miandinha you were lush I was besotted with you
I wore your clothes and had posters of you on my wall 
Even our rocky Jim Smith and Ozzy days had panache and spunk and you were a raver in bed by this time I’d grown and we did unimaginable things together 
I married you in 1992 when we became official with a season ticket and it was Keegan mania 
This didn’t calm us down we were more in love than ever you gave me the best years of my life from 93 to 97 we should have won the league you were sexy as fuck with your flowing Ginola hairstyle even your strip was superb we had the best centre forward on earth you were orgasmic 
We then had our drudgery moments where the spark went and we both got fat and bored there was nothing sexy about you or Ruud Gullet and certainly not King Kenny we did have cup finals and dreams of better days 
But we plodded on regardless never once having our head turned 
Along came Sir Bobby and the spark was back we were fresh we travelled you were older but sophisticated life was good 
Then we fell back to old ways with dull bastards Souness, Roeder, big fucking fat sham and McLaren life was shit we did have a brief flirtation with Pardew and Houghton where you dressed up in spandex and preformed unimaginable acts of gratification 
The last 10 years have been shit some fat bloke has been interfering with you, you had no money and wouldn’t adventure out anymore we slept in sperate beds the sex stopped 
I tried to leave you 
I wanted to leave you 
We shouldn’t carry on 
I did 
I stayed with you 
I persevered
An affair with a Spanish waiter give me zest I was in love again 
You understood me
You knew what I wanted 
You gave me what I wanted 
Then you left 
Moved to China 
You left me with a fat bloke who looks like a lesbian and the fat cockney bloke is still there sucking the life out of me

I wont take anymore 
I’m leaving you now 32 years of blind loyalty and devotion and fucking love counts for nothing 
I wont be going back
I don’t need this shit in my life 
Damn. Im sure a lot of people feel that way.
More or less sums up my position. I made the decision to give up going to home games 11 years ago when he stabbed Keegan in the back. Still hurts but I don't regret it. I'll go back when he's gone.
(12-07-2019, 01:25 PM)mickyquinnstache Wrote: More or less sums up my position.  I made the decision to give up going to home games 11 years ago when he stabbed Keegan in the back.  Still hurts but I don't regret it.  I'll go back when he's gone.

Snap! it's been 6 years for me now and yes, it still hurts like you I will return once the Slug has gone.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.

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