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Kevin Nolan?

What a crawlin b'stard


[Image: nolan.jpg]

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I didn't think brown nosing would ever be said about Nolan, infact i thought he didn't like Ashley too much.
He must only like him if he thinks he can grab an EPL job.....

Says alot that managers are actually turning us down. You would think coaching in the EPL, arguably the strongest football division in the world, would be huge for most, but we dont seem to have anyone lining up for it
He has form for this. He did a game on Sky last season where he defended Ashley as well. It's just like Ameobi, and all the sly b*stards are doing is keeping options open in case they want to get a coaching job in the future. Makes me sick listening to them.
Making a play for the managers job. He was slagging Ashley off a couple months back.

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