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Perez to Leicester
That's more than a little over reaction.

Let's be honest here, Perez leaving is not bad because Perez is leaving the club. Perez leaving is bad because in the current plight, with the current owner, he is one of our better players and one we needed to keep. However, this is a guy who spends half his season rolling around on the floor and the other half of the season playing for a move away in the summer. Say we had our dream scenario this summer of a Middle East takeover and cash to spend, Perez wouldn't be anywhere near the starting 11. This isn't a wonder kid who has been snapped up by a Champions League team, if early reports are anything to go by, the initial bid was somewhere in the region of 15 million with addons tagged onto it, hardly the sort of money you'd associate with the world beater Perez is being painted as.

Like Benitez, and Perez, anyone leaving the club right now is the hero, because we have one very easy villiain to pin the blame on, and rightly so. With perspective though, and contrary to what I read earlier, he didn't always give his all on the pitch, there were plenty of games were he did nothing but run down blind alleys and try to do too much on the ball, with little to no end product. Of course he is a big miss for us as it stands, but the club is a shambolic mess, the squad is a joke and we have an owner who seems quite happy to relegate us again, so naturally a player like Perez leaving is just going to amplify everyone's emotions and leave us in a worse position as a squad. Perez received justifiable criticism at times, and was his own worst enemy by looking useless for half the games and then looking like a decent number 10 the rest of the time, raising legitimate questions about why he didn't turn up more often than not.

Look back at his record each season, the back end of January onwards, on the run down to the summer transfer window is when we got the best out of him, he would have a decent spell and score goals in a glut, but where were those performances up until Christmas and beyond every year?! I am a cynic, but even as cynical as I am, he has been doing this to play for a move away for the last 2 seasons now, and the upshot of it all is that Leicester City came knocking... that says more about the state of how our club is run that Leicester can pick off our players than how good Perez was as a Newcastle player.

Ashley remains a horrbile tw*t, and this sale is just a further feck you to the fans, but let's get real here, we are angry because we have lost the best manager we have had since Sir Bobby, and now any player with any sort of value will be pimped to the highest bidder. Under any normal circumstances with a well run club with an owner who cared, I for one would politely wave goodbye and look forward to another player going into that number 10 spot. Sadly though, we know we won't get one.
Superb post Ghost ....... well worth blogging this Mick.
100% agree Ghost.
I'm not sure what to make of this; the general point about the club being a shambles etc. is undoubtedly true, but your assessment of Perez I cannot agree with.  There is a very good footballer in there although, perversely, I doubt that Brenda Rogers will make the most of him.  Where you get the guff about playing for a move in the second part of the season from, I can only guess.  Rafa has admitted that his teams are generally stronger in the second half of the season - perhaps because he has been over cautious in the first half.  The point being that as an attacking player, Perez is hardly going to shine when the team play with 10 men behind the ball.  It seems to me that when the team plays in a more attacking vein Perez 'comes to life' as it were and scores  a decent number of goals for us (or did).  I can't help but feel that there is some barely concealed animosity towards our former manager and one of his players coming out here, but other than that; yes we are Fecked, yes we are a shambles and yes it would be great if Perez wasn't a great miss to our squad.  That doesn't make Perez the lazy, incompetent ne'er do well that you paint such a spiteful picture of.
It was no secret that Perez was after a move back to Spain and i dare say he could be forgiven for that as many young players get homesick but for him then to move to another PL club is a smack in the teeth to Newcastle fans.

I personally thank the lad for his time here and i believe he learnt a lot in the time he had with us..... and tbh i can't blame him for following Rafa out of the door.
I don't blame him for wanting out Boydie, but he has wanted out for years, even before Benitez took over. The facts speak for themselves, his stats speak for themselves. He only ever turned up after the January transfer window, and every summer he would talk about his desire to move back home. The only reason he has stayed so long is that no one has put in a bid for him, and the reason a real top club hasn't come in for him is because top players don't turn up 50% of the time. I have read some people suggesting he wasn't to blame for not turning up in the first half of every season, but he was one of 10 out field players responsible for us being in a relegation battle up until the final 10 games every year. We all saw the games, you have to be extremely blinkered to look back now and absolve him of any responsibility for his own performances. This was both before and during Benitez being manager.

I'm sorry he has left, but only because the alternative is having no one to bring in to replace him.

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