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Can't believe this
Why not?  Mike Ashley still owns the club doesn't he?
Time to cash in, might as well get relegated with a pot big enough to help cushion the blow. Got rid of Rafa with no plan to replace him, he will now sell off any players that have any value, probably so he can push through a sale for GAME. He will spin some lies that some of our fan base will no doubt will be stupid enough to believe, and those that don't will be lining up to give the man some extra money so they can paint a few bed sheets and sing a few songs about him.

We are Fecked, I have said it for a long time. Rangers, Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid etc etc would never let this happen to their club, but our fans don't have the stomach for it. I have already read people defending buying a season ticket "to support the boys", it's fecking horse sh*t, anyone turning up on match day is killing the club, they are helping this club die a long, slow, horrible death.

Whether they want to admit it or not, the best way to support this club right now would be to do your bit and STOP turning up, STOP spending money on the club and make sure you do your bit to starve the fat horrbile tw*t of the only thing he cares about... money. Collectively we could get rid of him, and it doesn't require anything crazy, just each fan going enough is enough and stopping turning up would force his hand. He would be forced to sell it for less. What's the cost of this? Probably the same as what will happen anyway, another relegation, only with a chance of having a much better future, I say a chance because nothing is a guaranteed, but that chance is a lot better than the future this club faces under this horrible, vile piece of sh*t we have who owns us right now.

I am wasting my breath though, it will be packed to the rafters against Arsenal and those saying they are supporting the boys will be doing their bit to make a toxic atmopshere that the "boys" fail to perform in. Ashley will stay away as he does when the going gets tough, counting the match day revenue and laughing his massive tits all the way to the bank.

We are absolutely stuffed.
Agreed, the only way to actually affect anything is to stop feeding it cash. That being said, unless the majority does it, it probably won't affect much. And we know that plenty are going to turn up. We are in a lose - lose situation right now.
Happens every time......

A few fans try to organise action and about 5% maximum support it.

Any season tickets given up in protest will be eagerly gobbled up by others who want to go to the games.


Fat boy wins every time in every scenario.


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