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The Media - Is It Worth It?
Sheik Whatsisname's deal is "progressing well"
Sheik Whatsisname's deal has hit snags
Sheik Whatsisname's deal has competition from other bidders
Sheik Whatsisname hasn't made an offer yet
Sheik Whatsisname has agreed a price and given fatboy proof of funds
Oh no he hasn't
Sheik Whatsisname's deal has been submitted for "fitness of owner" test
Oh no it hasn't

Rafa is off because the deal being offered is the same as before
Rafa is staying
Rafa is signing loads of new players
Rafa will have a say over signings
Rafa can only sign players 25 or under


Does anyone actually believe anything they read in the media??

Sure, but with an understanding of where the source is coming from.

For instance, if its directly from someone actually involved, I can believe that. I can also believe it while realizing they may be leaving something out. If its from an unnamed source, I take it with a grain of salt. Maybe its for real, maybe it isnt.

The media has one job, to get people to read. Doesnt matter if its bs or true to them. Doesnt matter if you believe it or think its complete bs. In the end, if you read it, their job has been accomplished.

My advice, dont take it to heart so much. Get excited, call bs on it, ignore it, pay attention but dont comment, but dont let it drive you to the madhouse.
When it comes to media these days for me ..... i never buy or read newspapers anymore as i think many are biased and mostly full of sh*t. 

I very rarely watch the News on Tv as i think it's biased and try to brainwash people plus i'm sick to death of British Politics and our Politicians are all in it for themselves and represent nobody.

I watch a little bit of local news and thats it.
In answer to the question - no it isn't worth it.

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